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It sure didn’t take long to completely destroy my intended schedule. Part of my problem so far seems to have been that I like to make long, intricately composed posts. I’ve also had the intention of working through my backlog of completed projects in order to keep things somewhat ‘in order’. So, I’ll need to worry a lot less about those things and with posting exactly once a week, rather than just posting whenever I have time. Eventually, I’ll run out of past projects and have to post exclusively about current projects. I might as well get straight into it.

This term I’m taking an on-campus 10 week Scripting 2 class, I just finished a 5 week online class for Interface Design, and, in a few more minutes, I’m starting a 5 week online class for Storyboarding and Storytelling.

The first few weeks of Scripting 2 was a general recap of Scripting 1 but we quickly bypassed the old material and got into more challenging work. We’re using Flash CS5 this term. In Scripting 1 we coded everything on the time line but now we’re learning to do it properly and trying to wrap our heads around the hierarchy of classes, public & private functions, and separate Action Script files, among other things. Our current project, the last one before our final project begins, is a bit of animation and character movement functions. Here is the character I came up with and animated, called Centasaurus Rex:

Centasaurus Rex - 25 April 2011

Once the final project kicks in, I’ll follow the process week to week, as much as possible.

I think I’ll make a separate post about Interface design later on.

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