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Fountain 4   Leave a comment

Here is a short video loop of the fountain’s water animation.

I need a proper shader to make this look better.

In order to change the speed of the panning texture, I stretch sections of the UV map that I want to slow down and squash the areas that I want to flow faster, while keeping the original width.

Edit: Here is a quick fly-through to show some of the details more clearly.

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Desert Scene   Leave a comment

I began to create a few variations of the basic exterior texture. Below are 3 options, plain, a red painted line, and a green line with an abstracted grass pattern.


Here are a few shots of the final mock-up with both the fountain and a few color variations of the standard house model.


I added an undulating ground plane to show how the models would interact with sloped terrain in the game engine.


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Mud House Model 17   Leave a comment

I finally finished unwrapping and texturing the exterior of the house and the chimney.


Here is a view of the chimney and part of the roof. I think the soot works nicely, here, though I should probably add noticeably more on the inside than the outside. Looking at it now, it looks too similar inside vs out.


Here is an overall view of the exterior model with the chimney in place. The logs could probably be a bit darker and I might add some green paint around the doorway. Other than that, I think it turned out pretty well.

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Mud House Model 16   Leave a comment

After I created an exterior base-material with a new stucco texture, I decided to create an alternate texture for the interior. This made the oven texture stand out, so I needed to blend the new wall texture into the existing oven texture to make it fit in well with both versions of the interior.

MudHouseModel25In the above version, you can see both versions of the texture in the same image for comparison. Below, is the final version of the oven texture.


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Mud House Model 15   Leave a comment

I created a simple mud-brick and plaster texture for the oven model.


For the plaster, I just made a simple texture. On a layer above that, I used a modified version of the brick texture from the walls. It was necessary to remove some of the grout lines from the area at the front opening of the model. On several different layers on top, I painted in some soot in appropriate areas.

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Mud House Model 14   Leave a comment

I fixed the logical/structural problem with the interior texture that I mentioned in a previous post.
I first created a brick, using the original image source, and shaped it into a slight wedge, slightly more narrow on one short edge than the other. It was about 8 times as large as the standard bricks, so I was able to rotate and scale copies of it into place without image artifacts.

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Mud House Model 13   Leave a comment

On my first pass on the interior texture, I used an old copy of the UV unwrap wireframe and had to redo the floor section.


As you can see, the three center squares of the grid are identical and tiling. For the edges, I used the same tiling sections on all sides and trimmed off the excess. I made sure to mask off the center squares and a bit of the surrounding texture when I added the shadows/grime to the edges.

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