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Here you will find some of the games I have worked on so far.


October 2012
This is a Unity game I worked on with 4 other people. I created most of the environment models. I modeled the tiling wall system, designed and built the modular vent & duct system, and created all levels based on puzzle designs by another team member. I also animated the doors, the flight-bot, and the rotating ISAAC logo. I wasn’t involved in the scripting of this project, outside of occasionally ‘wiring’ together some of the elements required to get each level working properly.

Download the game here: SubRoutine (83.6MB)

Crossing Over

Crossing Over

Crossing Over – Unity Game (Team)

July 2012
This is a simple Unity game I worked on with 2 other people. I worked mostly on coding for this project. I handled the score, timer, IU events, soul spawners, object spawners, and the pick-up and drop-off mechanic. It gave me more insight (and practice) with how things are handled in Unity and in JavaScript coding.

Download the game here: Crossing Over (26.9MB)

Box Go Boom

Box Go Boom

Box Go Boom – Unity Game (Team)

April 2012
This is another simple Unity game I worked on with 2 other people. I did much of the coding for this project, as well as the character animations. It was a nice project to help get me more familiar with Unity.

Download the game here: Box Go Boom (11.2MB)



Existence – Flash Game (Team)

November 2011
This is a flash game I worked on with 3 other people. I did 90%-95% of the coding for this project. It really got me into the mindset of a coder. Though coding isn’t my primary focus in gaming, I can understand the joys and frustrations of this job.

click/tap or click & drag to move
M: mute
P: pause
Arrow keys: direction of up (simulates phone accelerometer)

Play the game here: Existence

Perfect Pair

Perfect Pair - Flash Game

Perfect Pair – Flash Game

May 2011
This is a simple Flash game I created. Click matching pairs of shoes to make them disappear. The requirements were to design a game for “18-22 year old females”. Though the ‘planned’ social aspects of the game would have been a help in drawing in the target market, I still feel that this game design is sexist and uninteresting. I’m actually quite embarrassed by it but it’s still here to show both my ability to create simple flash games & stylized vector art and just how far I’ve come.

Play the game here: PerfectPair


Unicybots - Flash Game

Unicybots – Flash Game

December 2010
This is simple shooter I created in Flash. Aim using the laser, fire using the left mouse button, and don’t let the invaders destroy your base.

[Warning, the sound is a bit too loud and I have not yet added a mute button.]

Play the game here: Unicybots

Posted 17 March 2013 by Gameitect

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