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This is an interior scene rendering of an old warehouse containing crates of forgotten artifacts and relics. I created this using Autodesk 3DS Max 2011 in October 2010. I created all the models and textures in this scene. The project requirements included a polygon limit of 3,000 and a maximum texture area of 2048×2048 for all textures combined. The final poly count was 2,320 and the final tris were 4,214, including some off-screen geometry that was never culled.

Concept story: After breaking into this warehouse, a would-be thief was scared away by the creepy mask inside this crate, causing him to leave behind the tools of his trade in a panic.

Scene Render - Artifact Warehouse
Scene Render – Artifact Warehouse

Blueprint Render - Artifact Warehouse
poly count: 2,320 – tri count: 4,214

I made a blog post about this project where you can read more about the process: Modeling 1 Recap

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Posted 5 July 2011 by Gameitect

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