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This is my preliminary mock-up for a casual game called OrcRaft, which I designed and illustrated in April 2011. This was done using Adobe Illustrator CS5.

Game Mock-up - OrcRaftGame Mock-up – OrcRaft

The Story

The simple navigation game will feature an Orc miner named Ungrok. He is an average-looking Orc in his early twenties with forest green skin, prominent lower canines, a heavy brow line,and striking brown eyes. He has above average strength but is not among the strongest miners in the camp. He has always longed to become a great leader and warrior but has never been given the opportunity because of his occupation and lower class lineage.

Ungrok’s mining camp is high in a rocky mountain range that separates the land of his people from several kingdoms of humans.The camp consists of a few dozen crude wooden shacks between the entrance to the iron mine and the edge of the river. At this elevation, not far from the peak, the trees are short and sparse but thick enough to hide the camp from the valley below. Further down the mountain, a dense pine forest covers the slopes on either side of the mighty rapids.

One evening, just after dusk, a group of human soldiers began attacking the camp. The first wave of soldiers was defeated but many more were on their way up the mountain. The order was given to evacuate the camp while the few weapons available were quickly given out to the strongest in the group. Despite his eagerness to help, Ungrok was prevented from joining the fight. Instead, the mine foreman appointed Ungrok to lead the retreat. Finally, his chance to lead had come. They quickly built three sturdy rafts and set off down the river. He would lead them past enemy archers, treacherous rapids, and countless dangers on their way down the mountain to safety. Along the way he will learn that leadership isn’t as easy as he thought it would be but will grow to earn his place as a great warrior.

I also created a poster design for the game.

OrcRaft Poster - 23 April 2011

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Posted 6 November 2011 by Gameitect

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