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These are the storyboards I created to illustrate a story I wrote in May 2011. Most of the work was done using graphite on paper before scanning but all color and shading work was done in Adobe Photoshop CS5.

Storyboard Thumbnails - Untitled

Storyboard Thumbnails - Untitled

Storyboard Thumbnails - Untitled

Here is the first of three scenes I chose to draw in more detail. I creating both an animated sequence and a full color panel to show the mood of the scene.
Storyboard Animation - Untitled

Storyboard Panel - Untitled
Act 1, Sequence 1, Scene 2, Panel 5

Here is the second of three scenes I chose to draw in more detail.

Storyboard Animation - Untitled

Storyboard Panel - Untitled
Act 2, Sequence 2, Scene 1, Panel 4

Here is the third of three scenes I chose to draw in more detail.

Storyboard Animation - Untitled

Storyboard Panel - Untitled
Act 3, Sequence 1, Scene 3, Panel 4

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Full Story
“Good, you’re awake” echoed a voice from across the room as Rob opened his eyes and sat up to look around. Except for the thick leather straps and steel clamps that hung loosely near his arms and legs, he appeared to be in an old hospital bed. “I wasn’t sure you’d make it”, continued the strange man, as he typed furiously at a computer terminal near the door. The stranger wore a long white lab coat and shiny black shoes. The room was cold and empty. With its clean white tile floor and smooth, plain walls the entire place seemed sterile, perhaps literally. Rob had no idea what was going on at this point but he slowly stood up as his new companion nervously continued. “I have to get you out of here.”

“Well, where are we” Rob asked, in desperate confusion, “and who are you?”

“I’m Dr. Andrews. What do you mean, ‘where are w…’?” A loud buzzer began to sound, interrupting his train of thought. “Time’s up. They’ll be here any minute.” the doctor shouted over the alarm, as he ran to open the door.

The monitor was now off and Rob caught a glimpse of his reflection in the dark glass. His thin face looked pale beneath his messy black hair. Somehow his own face was unfamiliar to him. He might not have believed the reflection was his, except the doubt in those vivid blue eyes perfectly matched his own misgivings about the situation he now faced. A moment later the heavy steel door clicked open and he turned to follow the doctor into a narrow corridor.

Without hesitation, Dr. Andrews walked quickly down the hall. “I hope your memory isn’t completely gone” he said, half to himself. “Our way out is two levels up but it would have been hard enough if you already knew the way.” The alarms were a bit quieter in the halls but it was still difficult to hear what he was saying. Rob was about to interrupt as they walked right past an exit stairway and around another corner. “This way is faster” came the explanation, before he could speak.

Halfway down the hall, there was a narrow threshold with black and yellow caution markings pained onto the thick steel. They were almost running now. Two silhouettes appeared at the end of the hall. “There!” one gasped. The other shouted “Freeze!” as Rob instinctively stopped, turned sideways, and threw his back against the wall to minimize his profile but the doctor was already sprinting forward, toward the guards. They opened fire just as the doctor reached the doorway and pressed a button to send a heavy blast door slamming down, shaking the ground. He immediately slumped to the floor with his back against the wall opposite the control panel.

By the time Rob got there a thick, crimson stain was spreading across the concrete. The doctor was clutching his stomach with his left hand and reaching out with something in his right. “This will explain everything” he sputtered and handed him a small disk.

Rob stood there in disbelief, staring at the dying man. “What am I going to do now?” he wondered aloud. “Run!” whispered Andrews, as he coughed up a mouthful of blood and his head tilted to the side. Rob felt sorry for the man, as the reality of the situation began to sink in. There was no time to reflect as bullets began pelting the massive steel door from the other side.

He sprinted back around the corner and threw himself against the stairwell door as he opened it, nearly knocking it off the hinges as he ran frantically toward the exit. The sound of it pounded in his head as it echoed up the stairwell but he spent no time lamenting his obvious blunder as he bounded up the stairs three at a time. As he approached the first landing, he heard the recognizable clank of a guard running down the stairs to meet him.

With his right hand, Rob grabbed the end of the handrail and whipped himself around the corner without slowing down as a shot rang out, whistling behind his head. Before the guard could pull the trigger again, they were nearly face to face as Rob slammed his left fist into the man’s chest, knocking him off his feet. The guard’s head hit the concrete stairs with a loud thud as his momentum carried him to the landing below.

There was no time to even look back as he sprinted toward his only chance of escape. Nothing mattered now except finding an exit. The red glow of an exit sign at the top of the third flight of stairs was a welcome sight. Without stopping, he burst through the exit doors, careful not to make as much noise, and out into the darkness beyond.

After climbing five more steps, Rob found himself in a dark alley. An orange light to his left revealed nothing but high brick walls on either side of a broken asphalt driveway. He turned right and ran into the darkness. A few hundred feet away, the silhouette of a chain link fence seemed to be all that separated him from the rest of the city.

Suddenly, a door burst open in the wall to his right with a blinding flash of light from inside. Once again he was standing face to face with an armed guard. This time the man was just as surprised as he was. In a panic, Rob quickly slammed his right fist into the man’s face. The muzzle flash illuminated both of their faces just before impact. That image of sheer terror would be burned into his memory, along with the smell of burnt rubber and gunpowder.

The door slammed shut, almost as loudly as the gun, it seemed. Etched into the glass, he could barely make out the words ‘Cyber Tech Industries’. Rob stepped over the unconscious guard and ran to the fence. With a running kick off the wall, he climbed over the fence and into the streetlights beyond. He walked away quickly, trying not to look overly suspicious. He could only hope no one would follow him.

After several blocks, he began to relax. There were people in the streets around him now, as he passed by convenience stores and 24 hour pharmacies. No one looked twice. As he passed under a street light he looked down at the hole in his lab coat. It started to make more sense that he wasn’t wearing a gown, since ‘Cyber Tech Industries’ clearly wasn’t a hospital but it wasn’t as clear why he wasn’t bleeding. Rob opened his coat to reveal a hole right through his waist.

He already figured out part of what the disk would tell him. He still felt quite human but now he knew for sure that he was not flesh and blood. “I need to get to the bottom of this. There’s no way I’m a machine.” There were now more questions than answers.

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Posted 5 July 2011 by Gameitect

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